Idiolexicon 2.1: Sorry for Sedoka

Jack Morgan and I had been talking about doing some sort of cross-promotional doohickey between Sorry for Snake and Idiolexicon. He just suggested that I put a note on the Idiolexicon blog saying that the first ten people to comment on it would get a free copy of S4S4 in the mail. But I resisted because frankly, I don't like you people that much. You and I know you don't deserve such an excellent poetry journal just for leaving a lousy comment.

So instead, I thought, why don't we revive a traditional poetic form, just like that ghazal guy did for ghazals a few years ago? In the world of traditional Japanese poetry, the haiku gets far too much attention to the exclusion of its buddies. Japanese poets would sometimes use the sedoka form to send each other messages. With the discursive usage and Twitterish length of the form, 2008 clearly has a sedoka-shaped hole. -EH

poem from a vending machine

another child visualizes violets
music makes
attractive commands
who is my void speaking to?
the dreaming edge
can turn it any way you please

-Jessica Wickens

In application
Praxis is a horse's god.
Stationary cranes lift loam.
Of transfiguring
a horse one says "my country."
But the ground unlocks a square.

-Lucas M. Rivera

Near Mission Statement

Desolate Friday:
what's left of a pidgin: set
of wings, two red legs, ribcage.

For attention he
cruises lakes for Lent. Friday:
desperate May for strange sex.

-David Morini

   what is this hot thrill
that instant through the school doors
away from conditioned air
   it's understanding
what the redbud's trees feel like
when spring is finally here

-Matt Mason

Pay is blasphemy.
Okay, money is mostly
our culture's necessity.

But art is holy.
Cash can't contact the clergy
or else we'll have sophistry.

-Matthew Melnicki

Maugus/Philips Park III

After they tear down
the elementary school
and leave a retirement home
in its place,
we don't have a lot of respect
for the land.

-Adam Rubinstein

Im in ur kontest
writin ur japenise forms
does you like mai sodoka?
I win teh prizes
I getz a poem journil
Why I getz no cheezeburgr?

-Kat Cornelius

Battle of the Sexes

Through the Guggenheim
the Cremaster cycles, eludes
the cheetah with see through legs.
One cougar's legs are
another cougar's envy.
Men don't care, we shine them all.

-Myron Michael


Marble amble brush-borrowed cone-bit contour
calmly lowing leapt-leap-seeing seemed-and-seam sure needle-snap cross-stitched
ground-sand-crew a-flutter feather-in further or quarrel queer

sand sung-and-sing a-ringing bring slept-peering-to-preen
grey ubiquity quip obsequious chirp-to blossom sage
purple sight-in-eye seer-me-dearly able able marble-murmur mar-thee-pearly

-Andy Nicholson

Service, Please

Hey, waiter, I count
the syllables of freckles
on her shoulders, neck, fingers.
I wish you served hope
on a platter, made goodbye
easier to swallow whole.

-J. Bradley

New York for pay

I'm so happy in
the great white whale, lighthearted
and little pills of whisper alright

in the my underwear,

great portions of probability
and the east coast smell of dirty laundry

-Stanford Chen


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