Idiolexicon: 10/2/2006

Lynne Potts

I-95 Imperative

Wrap the bridges in gauze
swab underpasses of crumbled cement
in mesh metal. Pause
as beams, trestles, and studs relent
debris-chunks on car-top—bricolage
of wailing and post-crash volant.

Then the ten-wheelers—awful
continuous, cacophonous lament
whine of tar buckled with a hook
in the eye of a driver on speed
or whatever is meant
to keep him awake. (heavens!)

Gods of drivers, wives, and baffled dogs
released to chaos (underpass emollient
of thin netting, frail holdings, cordage
of worn metal, stone slurry)
hold us enfolded
in this transport bewilderment.


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