Idiolexicon: 11/30/2006

Andy Nicholson

from Brian and Max

The sun was out.
Max lay in the sun.
Brian sat on the couch.
“Why am I not happy?” he asked.
Max rolled onto her back.


Max lay on the floor.
Max slept.
“You’re a lazy dog,” Brian said,
“You’re useless.”


Brian put on his shirt.
Brian put on his pants.
“I have a date tonight.”
Brian put on his shoes.


Max sat on the couch.
Brian put his jacket on her head.
Max didn’t move.
“I’m still depressed,” Brian said.


Brian walked into the bathroom.
A moth sat on the floor.
“You’re a big moth,” Brian said.
He put the moth in the toilet.


Brian and Max left the house.
They walked down the street.
They walked through the park.
“Why don’t I have any friends?”
They walked home.

part 1


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