Idiolexicon: 2/26/2007

Matt Mason

Her Name Is Sophia

Because we like the name,
Greek for Wisdom, so
we had it ready

as a birthday present. If we’d waited
to read her style and dress her in what
we thought matched,

I’d want to call her
or Laughs-in-song or

consider her survival through
grade school recess tribunals
and just say: “Joy.”

I like how it works, though.
I like that wisdom
giggles, grins, is happy

to catch a stranger’s eye in a grocery aisle,
overflowingly overjoyed
to wake up each morning

and see her parent,
imagining us
as glorious beings

who always
what they are doing.

Matt's new book, Things We Don't Know We Don't Know, is available from Backwaters Press.


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