Idiolexicon: 11/5/2007

Heather Knowles


you are bold
therefore I place my lips upon every
fingertip of your right hand
in penance
listen to brave whispering
during the hush of night
ear pressed tight to your chest
waiting for the solitary rowboat

you are bold
as we walk broken glass paths
on our commute to learn
all I can think to do is wrap
your wounds so they can heal
show you the cuts on my feet as well

you are bold
in a room full of itself
you wear modesty like my father
wears engine grease, oil and diesel fuel
under nails and the smell never
leaves your side

you are bold
six shooters pointed at spaghetti
high noon and the sheriff
is long gone to a boom
town somewhere farther west and warm
no matter—you're ready to pull
those triggers

you are bold
taking woman in hand as equal
paying dues and homage in coin and syllable
dropping to the floor to reach up
to my most volatile and under-
attended spots
understanding balance


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