Idiolexicon: 8/24/2007

Sara Lihz Dobel


Where what and another forested away
he exhausted his arms
              cutting yellow flowers.  She fell.       A fossil
in which there is no trace of breath
he plucked from her.  Crusted       long bones of nothing
buried in ice. Biblical. Dated. Time. Mathematical.

Honesty chanced
against hearth.              Bobbing.
                                          Alone along forms of might be might have been.
reeled off. Distances of human bodies
measured in scales of belts       and globes
                                                        and hands.
Complex muscle Four
valves Eight pints of
science and fossil records Evidence
of removal   Broken limbed              maybe       Layered yes Made
       mountain made Delicate. Body still. Woman              true. But merely
a carcass now.
                                    Lying beneath snow.


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