Idiolexicon: 11/13/2006

Annie Christain

Words without God Could Be a Way Not to Be Alone

There was nothing; then they began god
with words and to begin, good,
a way not to be alone.
But alone stayed until alone was against
to save themselves from themselves,
but mostly from them because maybe they weren’t alone.

To remain alone, but to make sure afraid
so all would be afraid alone with god/words
because maybe for some
words without god could be a way not to be alone.
Creating to forget they were alone
became never believing
they could write the words of god alone.

They forgot they made Jesus them and alone
but different—stronger so
alone was something to show
willfully dying is love,
and to say they are dead to the world
and make it seem like a choice
could make them great and like him
when they unwillingly die alone.

To love someone alone and not forget
makes it harder to live alone,
but it’s better not to hope for the one you love
to be afraid and alone,
even though then in that instance
you would not be alone.

But with words written by whom you believe
to be you alone,
how you make your own kind of love to believe
in the right way to love and live alone,

until you’re not,

you’re still just as good as you were before
anyone helped you to notice you were alone

because you know you have a beginning
and an end
where you can make it


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