Idiolexicon: 6/11/2007

Glenn Bach

from Atlas Peripatetic


different instances
of “I”—by location
general food advice
for newcomers—the soup
a bagel or a piece
of fruit—the crepes
the coffee—free food
if you sit there
long enough

who cares—of early morning
(slow—and the truck
is popular) someone more
familiar with the cuisine
magic carpet—no matter
what—fly by this city
(eldest son) (youngest
son) a bare minimum
of ingredients (north)


a lot of bite
(crisp) bitter
rivalry dates back
years—one old
woman working
alone—other staples
old favorite—the man
lives up to the name
of modern language
holy land on four
wheels—a relatively
short line—stand out
from the slew—stood up
to an hour long walk
to recommend warmly
not for the faint—a long line
even in rain (surprise)


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