Idiolexicon: 12/4/2009

Mike Young

The Relevant Oh

You need to sneak behind your life and bite it
gently on the shoulder. Let mutual friends label
mutual friends in ways uncomfortably direct.
Mimic what another person’s face might be doing
in front of them. Did you take another shower?
Your multivitamin? Advantage of the calendar?
The new meditation knights each experience.
Out to avoid power, we apologize with style.
Curlicues of breath propel the “fuck it” into
plan. Saturday I wanted a pompadour and a ride,
now I just want to tell you about the biscuit,
how parts of me always want to hug butter
and scream “Let it alone! Stop assembling
and membering and sleep in jambalaya!”
But my audience is under architecture. They
break the fingernail clippers and fix them.
They’re full of recipes and sacred digits.
What you know is I don’t even consider my
skin mine. So you try to explain at me how it
tastes, then you uncurl my fingers toward five
maneuvers that have always worked with you.


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