Idiolexicon: 12/4/2009

Mike Young

Eh Is Right

for M

Drop me off first. Then spend the night
in the parking lot of the funeral home
where two of these men dropped a casket
almost, got it back up, then high–fived.
Amateur opera singers do their own makeup.
The higher you go, the more your face gets
installed. Then it dries and waits for your
approval. I keep getting submitted to
withdrawal. We all say things none of us
believe, like “gift economy.” Or “wait.”
Each surface is buffed by the quality of
sleep available there. Certain people you
care about and then I care about you
a lot more. Antique vendors swarm the
house for what the significant didn’t want.
The owner of a go–kart track urges his
friends to help him build a fire–resistant
tower around everything he loves, which was
not the original plan. “Make it about more
than one thing,” I told you, and then you
told me I told you, and I felt stupid.
The fireman pours shampoo on a robin
and washes it up in his red bucket hat.
Tell me how you really feel and if it
helps, I’ll pretend that you’re asleep.


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