Idiolexicon: 12/4/2009

Marissa Bell Toffoli

What The Hell Is Algebra?

Sage herb that will heal.
Whether a salable light…
he threw a salable light.
Alterable shawl height.
There with a hall gables,
aha, a slight bellwether.
A herbal wig lets health
alight. Hew hell abreast
a whale. Blather. Sleight.
Thwart a hellish beagle:
gather with a leash, bell.
Abate hell—light a shrew.
Lithe hag. Seawall berth.
The highs blew a lateral…
highs be the lateral law.
The erasable thigh wall.
Halt! Wear height labels.
Thither shew a gala bell.
Shh, a heartbeat will gel.
A washable, tighter hell.
Heartbeat law: sell high.


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